• Kolonos invests in innovative projects

  • Kolonos acts in a social-responsible & sustainable manner

  • Kolonos achieves an above-average return on investment

  • Kolonos participates in innovative agriculture

  • Kolonos has ambitious plans

  • Kolonos invests in high-quality office space

Real Estate

Kolonos invests in real estate at top locations (easy to reach by car and by public transport, with high visibility).
Currently Kolonos BV owns the following objects in Leiden, Netherlands:
1.       De Heyderweg 1-21 (odd numbers)
2.       De Heyderweg 2-6 (even numbers)
For availability of office space and/or warehouse space: please send a message to info@kolonos.com
Kolonos plans to build new offices at De Heyderweg 1-21. For more information, see www.leideninnovationcenter.com
The ambition is to offer high-quality office space to the market. It is our vision that there remains a need for modern, multifunctional, energy-neutral office space on top-locations.